Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Under Cover Sketch

8 quick sketches made cozied up under the comforters watching CSI Crime Scene for the first time. Haven't owned a television for years but am enjoying the novelty of online TV shows and movies. After two sketches of episode 9 and 8 I sketched the bedroom from left to right. Some took less than 2 minutes. 7PM episode 9
730 episode 8
815 lamp
818 lamp, opening, doorway
820 other opening, armoire, ceiling
825 sketchbook on my knees, armoire, window, ceiling
826 same as 825 but focus moves to the right
830PM finished image in sketchbook, comforter, armoire, ceiling, dormer. CSI is over.

Turned a copy into an accordion. Decompression soother.

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