Saturday, February 28, 2009


Have not been spending much time sketching, mostly simple contour line drawings then I saw Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, 1932, and I had to paint it. The act of trying to paint this makes me look at shapes, line, color and appreciate even more what he has done. The model was Picasso's favorite mistress, at the time.

I used and penciled in the watermark by mistake on her breast. Most of Picasso's cubist paintings I am not as fond of, faces usually look painfully reconstructed. I liked the way he did her face, body shapes, the striped fabrics, her arm and the reflection.

Now, the challenge is to do a painting using what I learned from Picasso and Leger. I need more practice and the right image.

I wrote the previous ode to a sock a few years ago when I looked at a stack of unmatched socks, certain that if I threw them out, one of them would reappear.


fredsscratchings said...

Just great Aiko. It is fun breaking down his images to their simplest forms. Look forward to what you do on your own.

Kim Saxe said...

Hi Aiko,

Love this! Picasso is on my list for another Lemon page...I've got three of his paintings (still lifes with lemons) to copy and learn from.

I love your work...looks like you had fun!