Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sorry for being away so long. Remodeling my kitchen and balcony room has kept me from spending time on my computer. Another month before life and work can resume.

One nice thing came out of a recent case of identity theft. Someone probably got my credit card through an online purchase and made several small charges. I wound up with a man's pocket watch (which I need to return) and the NY Times. May decide to keep the Sunday delivery. The Sunday edition had an article on Kusama, an artist from the 60's whose art seems to have improved with age. In her eyes I saw Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali and William Blake, my first serious art show at Barnsdall Park. At 16, I wondered what had to be inside a man to paint those images. Dali's eyes, passion, madness, fire. Could Van Gogh have painted without his.

At this moment, my contractor has his head in the attic above the kitchen directing his worker. His cabinet maker is beginning to install my beautiful honey maple cabints, simple Shaker style. This is my current passion. Soon, a stainless steel countertop, floor tiles that remind me of sand, river rocks, marble veins. A few more weeks before life has order. Necessary repairs in an old house.

Sketching and reading in the evenings. Enjoying Daniel Silva's books about Gabriel Allon, art restorer and assassin, more for the historical (past and present) settings, people, neverending nightmares brought about in the name of God, politics, money, control. I don't have that in me so I have to read about it. Good and evil are not easily separated.

Perhaps the world would be more peaceful with more artists. We look for beauty everywhere.

I've collaged the front and inside cover of a new sketch journal with images of Kusama's work to remind me that madness can create beauty.

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