Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wedding Cakery

Back porch of an exquisite caterer that creates the kind of wedding cakes that get photographed for magazines. We used to peek in through the front window, ooh and aahhh, sigh and dream of happy endings. Don't remember the name of the shop so the Wedding Cakery is just my title for the sketch. In my imagination, I see her married to an architect, with a 5 year old pixy daughter, maybe they own the orange tabby that sunbathes on the carport below. With cats it's usually the other way around. They own people.

South of Mission Area, San Francisco

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janabouc said...

This is so perfect -- looks exactly like a neighborhood in SF where I used to live years ago! I love the way you've captured the feeling of the buildings being so close to each other.