Friday, August 22, 2008

Sacramento Sketchbook - Cat Love

I've always envied cats for their royal highness attitude, nothing is ever too good for them. They'll curl up on anything they fancy.

Inspired by all the Victorian homes in midtown Sacramento. Lots of cats in the windows. This lovely pink house was two doors away.

Played with a sketch for an acrylic painting. Being mom to my cat has been a pleasurable 15 years, like a second daughter only lots of fur and hairballs. Never knew cats had such a large vocabulary. She overheard me make an appointment with the vet, zipped up to the farthest corner of my attic which at that time was mostly rafters. A few times she played ninja cat, wait for me to come home, tackle behind my knees so I collapsed on my back. I was definitely her property, owned by a kitty, not the owner of a cat. Thanks for the wonderful kitty memories.

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