Friday, December 12, 2008

Mt Fuji View 12

Always nice to reach the halfway point. 12th view from Lake Kawaguchi.

Hokusai, at almost 90 (1760 - 1849), wanted another 10 years to accomplish more projects. He used thirty different names to sign his work and lived in almost 90 homes at one time or another. An aggressive man, unafraid to call attention to himself in sensational ways. In later years, he even signed his works "The Art-Crazy Old Man".

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Kim Saxe said...

I especially love the stroke of blue sky. I find Hokusai's deathbed comment..."If only I had 10 more years, I could really do this (art.)" ... very inspiring. It is a process, a never-ending one.

My apologies for my paraphrasing of his words, but my book is in the trunk of my car...and it's dark and very cold (for California)!

Congratulations on another beautiful "View."